This is Vida Juozaitis here joining your wiki. I thought I would start connecting before I officially begin my new position at the new International School of Vietnam in August. It is reassuring to know you are all there for support.
Born and educated in Canada, I attended the University of Toronto where I majored in English Literature. I began my teaching career at the high school level teaching English, Film and Dramatic Arts in Toronto, my home town. Mid career I began training as a teacher-librarian and in 2007, I was granted a Master of Education in Teacher-Librarianship from the University of Alberta. My teaching spans all grade levels from nursery to grade 12 and at international schools in Barcelona, Beijing and London. I look forward to working in the new International School of Vietnam's Library and Media Resource Centre with all its opportunities and challenges.
On a personal note, seeing live theatre, visiting art galleries/museums and attending contemporary music concerts are cultural activities my husband Eugene ( a musician) and I both enjoy. Besides reading, I spend some of my spare time making mosaics and tending to the needs of our spoiled cat, Humphrey.

Hello Everyone, my name is Josephine McAleer. I have only been in HCMC since the end of July and I am replacing Ruth Bishop as the Librarian at The International School of HCMC. My hometown is Sydney, Australia where I have lived and taught for the past 24 years so being here is a radical change for me and I am very much looking forward to new experiences and new people. The last international school I taught at was The International School of Amsterdam and prior to that I had taught at the International School of Lusaka, which is where I am from originally. Before becoming a TL, I taught elementary school, ESL and also did a stint as a teacher of kids with learning difficulties. I look forward to meeting you all in the days to come.

Hello! I am Stacia Maiorani and beginning the 2011-2012 school year as the middle school teacher-librarian at the American International School, HCMC. I grew up in Upstate New York but moved to Denver, Colorado four years ago. I went to the University of Denver for my masters in Library and Information Science and then began working as a teacher-lbrarian in an elementary school just outside of Denver. I'm so excited to be in HCMC and teaching abroad for my first time! (It feels so wonderful to tell someone that I am a teacher and have them RESPECT it!) I moved into a cute one-bedroom apartment in the Phu Nhuan District and love it... it already feels like home. I've also bought a scooter and my goal is to drive myself to school the first day of school! :O I look forward to meeting all of you!

Hi, my name is Jaye Shaer, and I am the new high school librarian at the American International School, HCMC. I moved here with my 9-year-old daughter, Quinn, from Bonner Springs (near Kansas City), Kansas. I spent the last four years as a middle school librarian. Before that I taught middle school and high school English. My only other experience living abroad was teaching ESL in Kazakhstan with the Peace Corps from 1993-95. We live at Sky Garden 3 in Phu My Hung and are settling in comfortably to life in HCMC. I'm sure there is more to tell about myself, but that's the basics.

moi.pngHi, I am Diane DePauw, the new elementary teacher-librarian at SSIS (South Saigon International School). I had taught in Canada for 15 years before going overseas. Since then, the exciting international path has led me to England, Venezuela, Tanzania and Thailand. I have been back in Canada for 2 years now and I am excited about returning to Vietnam. I was in UNIS Hanoi about 12 years ago and fell in love with this extraordinary country. I have taught at all grade levels starting as a French teacher, to Librarian to technology teacher.

I spend my spare time gardening, reading, learning new technologies, good movies exploring nature and markets.

Hello, I'm Angela Cleeton. I am the Middle and High School Teacher-Librarian at SSIS (Saigon South International School). In a 'previous life', I was an English Language and Literature teacher in an Australian government high school for 17 years. Then I decided to do a Masters in Teacher-Librarianship. I was first employed in this role in Hong Kong at two schools (not simultaneously!), then in Beijing, and now I'm here in HCMC. I've been overseas for over ten years now, and I still enjoy the variety of experiences and people. In my T-L role, I have taught students at all grade levels, have privately tutored many students, and I enjoy that variety too. I still visit Hong Kong quite frequently, am in love with that place and I love to shop! At other times, I like to eat great food, read, explore markets, and take (usually Sunday) afternoon snoozes!

Hi there. I'm Jonathan Guy and I am the new librarian at the ABC International School in HCMC. I'm very excited to be here! I don't profess, in any way, to be a teacher but I am learning fast. I have 20 years post-qualification library experience and started off working at the British Library of Political and Economic Science in London, before working at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and then in further education at Greenwich Community College. For the last 12 years I have worked in schools, firstly in deepest East London at Cumberland School and then in the wilds of Somerset at Stanchester Academy. Having started in universities I'm delighted to find myself progressing to running a KS1 and nursey library here in HCMC ... and the pupils are making far more sense as well. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, particularly obscure mid-western American guitar sounds relating back to The Byrds and Neil Young; I love hiking and cycling; I love finding butterflies; and I collect banana stickers. I apologise, in advance, for all these things. Oh, and whilst it's pretty difficult to choose a favourite teenage read ... A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly is always there or thereabouts. But that might have changed by next week. I'll keep you posted.

Hello there,
Zakir here! its my great pleasure to introduce with you all. I've Studied M.A. in Information Science and Library Management from the University of Dhaka , Certificate course on Digital and Online Librarianship from North South University Bangladesh and e-Learning Management from the Philippines Open University. Now performing as a Manager of Library & Information Center at Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Regional Training Center - Vietnam ( I’ve worked as an Assist. Library Officer & Library Officer at the University of Liberal
Bangladesh & State University of Bangladesh respectively. I've worked as a Teacher-Librarian also..Besides I am interested in researching related to NGOs/NPOs and Libraries in promoting lifelong learning, Knowledge Management and web 2.0 technologies. I have published articles in renowned peer reviewed journals such as The Library Philosophy and Practice and Social Sciences Information Review-Vietnam. I have also been involved as a volunteer of The Library Project. In my spare time, I love to go swimming, learning new technologies and exploring nature (especially near Saigon river).

RhondaMorrissette.JPGGreetings - I'm Rhonda Morrissette. I joined the staff at Renaissance International School Saigon in August 2013 as Head Librarian serving early years - Year 13. This is my first international school and first time in Asia - so I'm absolutely thrilled to learn about vietlibs and appreciate the support and leadership shown by you - especially Alan and Angela! I have taught for 25 years in Winnipeg, Canada including all grades, several years as a technology support teacher, and the past 9 years as a teacher librarian (N-6 and adult ed). I graduated in 2011 with my Masters in Teacher Librarianship from the University of Alberta. I met several teacher librarians working in International Schools through my course of study and that's why I decided to apply.
My husband Vern and I have raised two daughters who are still in university in Toronto. He's semi-retired, and we're both loving every minute of our time here so far.

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Hello all. My name is Alan Jacques. I'm Head Librarian for BIS, Vietnam.
I'm a New Zealander by origin but have now spent more than half my life beyond its borders. I am married to a beautiful lady named Briar, and together we have an extremely beautiful child named Xavier. I have a background in English, History, & Health Science - yes that's a confusing mix, it took me a while to realise that I like a little of a lot of things and probably should just become a librarian.