e-Textbook Providers - spreadsheet analysis (2013)

General conclusions: there are few reliable providers with the scale and tools required by schools, most companies are only providing for individuals. e-Textbook provision is being held back by book publishers who are struggling to settle on a viable financial stream for e-content. Partial textbook provision for a school is possible but no company is offering a comprehensive product as yet. Apple & Amazon recently entering the education market is expected to increase competition & innovation. Note: this investigation was for textbooks mainly, not library books.


New Design for BIS Secondary Library

Birds eye view of plan - the blue walls are floor to ceiling glass
2 stage build:
1st year - pull down old walls and build new ones, fit power & data
2nd year - new furnishings, displays, IT hardware
We have a plan, now lets see if we can build it.

Information Literacy @ BIS

Scope & Sequence currently in use in Secondary school

and...Info-graphic used school wide in all classrooms
Primary system is being drafted currently.

Design package to accompany 17/05/2013 presentation:

Standards for chairs & tables by age.
PowerPoint for above presentation.
Noise absorption & reflection standards for building.
A design ideas doc collated from several forum & email discussions, with conclusions.

Sticky ‘contact’ paper – adhesive clear sheet paper for covering books
35/12 Tran Khanh Du, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, HCMC. Tel: 08. 3526 7362
Unit quote (excluded VAT & red invoice) of clear decal to cover book is:
28,000d/m2 for 1.2m width
16,000d/m2 for 0.6m width
The contact is made in Taiwan and the brand name is Chiahshiung and Victory. Victory is the one we just bought the other was from an earlier order. I cant answer the other questions exactly but it looks and feels like the contact we would use in Australia including grid lines on the backing sheet.

If you are interested in comparisons of reading level program codes - take a look at these:
There are plenty of (very similar) reading level program comparison charts online.

Collated list of magazine suppliers and prices. BIS, 2011