Minutes of First Meeting of HCMC International School Librarians Network.

Held at Saigon Saigon Bar, Caravelle Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, September 23rd, 4.30 pm.

Present: Alan Jacques BIS, Tarn McDonald AmIS, Angela Cleeton SSIS, Ruth Bishop ISHCMC.

1. Alan is happy to construct a Wikispace for us, set it up without
advertising, and then pass it to Angela for updating. Happy to do so, me.

2. Our main concerns at present include: reliable book/resource suppliers
with legal conduits through the Govt gatekeepers which also observe school
requirements for tax receipts; solid Library systems which meet our needs
- catalogue vagaries, price, quality, bandwidth, reliability, on-the-ground
and online support, etcetera!, and (what was the other thing Alan? Was it
periodical suppliers - EBSCO vs others?). and databases - which ones best
for which purposes /users?

3. Ruth is happy to host any of us wanting to look at her Oliver system,
and also ask Mr Thao of Cengage to give us a demo of the Thomson databases.

4. Tahn is ok with us taking a look at the new version of Destiny at his
school sometime.

5. Ellen Clark of Follett (based in Bangkok) will be in Saigon on
Sept 30 (next week). If you'd like to meet with her, and are not already
doing so, I can pass on her contact email. (She's not connected with

6. Ruth is going to let us know who is the author featuring at her
school's Book Week.

Can we all share the dates for our particular school's
Book Week or similar celebrations and how these are done? Maybe we could
visit each other during these events just to see how it all works?

How about we also start to build a file of good presenters and speakers we
can invite to our schools, and which type of audience they work best with
(age of
students, size of groups, competence with technology, typical activities
and effectiveness of presentation, costs, etc. I can upload the file to
our Wiki.

7. Angela will find out the contact details for Dianne Frankenstein,
reading guru, who is likely to visit Beijing in 2009.

Website with info about this inspiring lady:


Perhaps, if she is interested in stopping off in Vietnam, we could share
costs for a teacher workshop and a parent presentation, if she's willing?

8. We need a catchy name for our group! Let's see - some words to
consider for an acronym....

HCMC, 'teacher-librarian' or just 'librarian', network, Vietnam

Other groups I know of:

OZTL_NET - Autsralian Teacher-Librarians Network (then there's the
American LM-Net too, Library Media Specialist Network, I guess)
ALESSHK - Association of Librarians in English Speaking Schools in Hong
BjLN - Beijing Librarians Network

.........we all know of many others, so what shall we call ours? I'm going
stick my neck out and suggest HCMC LN, or LN HCMC.

9. Tarn - you mentioned the General Sciences Library and printing labels
in your mails.
Would you be able to line us up a visit and tour guide sometime to this
interesting local library?
Also, we neglected to discuss the lack-of-labels dilemma - can we do so
online to help solve some difficulties?

10. I'm also boldly going to suggest that (visit to Ruth or Tarn, or other
session notwithstanding) we meet again in October, say Tues 21, venue to
be decided? If this is not a good day/date (and to be honest, I've left my
planner at school tonight), let's consider another!